No Greater Love is a fiction novel based on fact. Many of the places, situations, characters and events are real.

Set in the tumultuous Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) of the mid-1970’s, this action-packed book is based on the life of an ex-military man, the author, Terence Dale-Lace.  Fact and fiction are so tightly interwoven that even the closest members of the author’s family are unsure as to what actually happened and what did not…the author is not telling, either.  Readers have felt a dual sense of satisfaction and loss as they reach the last line. How can this be the end, they ask? Is there a sequel?

No Greater Love, book cover
No Greater Love, book cover

Fast paced, exciting and at times almost unbearably true to life as the harsh realities and the attitudes of the time are revealed, the reader is taken through the full gamut of gut-wrenching responses to the action on the pages: tension, being thrilled, tears, outrage, joy and laughter.

The book is available at Exclusive Books branches at Cavendish, Waterfront and Canal Walk, some outlets of Bargain Books and Clarkes in Cape Town. Outlets are periodically selling out but a copy can always be obtained directly from the author by phoning + (27) (0) 724819260.